Top Foods represents high quality international products and brands that deliver not only value but also innovation, taste, nutrition, experience and unique packaging opportunities.

With an exceptional range of product categories, we cater for the needs of all retailers with both branded and private label options available.

Frozen Foods

Ranging from frozen entertainment foods, frozen ready-to-eat meals, frozen fruit and vegetables to frozen gelato and desserts, Top Foods offers an extensive range of products from the freezer. With varying supplier connections across the globe, we can accommodate the needs of all of your frozen retail or food service requirements including the shipment and delivery of frozen foods.

Cookies & Biscuits

Representing some of the largest cookie and biscuit manufacturer’s in the world, Top Foods provides consumers with a taste experience like no other. Boasting key products that are lower in sugar, fat and salt whilst containing no artificial colours or flavours, our ranges incorporate both individual portions and packaging options that are ready to share.

Snacks & Chips

Top Foods provides consumers with a variety of snacking options that are both healthy and indulgent. Incorporating on trend flavours, textures and super foods, we know how to meet consumer needs whilst providing delicious healthy snacks that offer an alternative to traditional snacking.


Bringing to the table top international brands, we aim to deliver authentic and traditional condiments that create a real flavour difference to consumers cooking and food preparation. Our traditional spices, pickles and mustards are sourced from high quality suppliers that offer trustworthy, delicious and nutritious product ranges.

Canned Fruits

With years of experience and knowledge in the canned fruit market, Top Foods only represents the best and highest quality suppliers within Australia and New Zealand. With major capabilities to supply a large variety of fruit products, we are committed to providing large quantities to both the retail and food service industry.


Top Foods commitment to key international suppliers has led to our large range of beverage options for consumers. Ranging from fruit juices and carbonated drinks to shelf stable lassi drinks, our products are made from the finest ingredients, providing considerable shelf life possibilities and unique packaging choices.


From sweets, lollies, candies and chocolates, Top Foods delights consumers with its well-considered range of innovative confectionery products. With constant improvements and innovations in flavour profiles, aromas and packaging options, we aim to offer consumers products that provide a more natural and healthy yet sweet and indulgent treat.